Top 5 Moments in Rivalry: Chicago Bears Part 2

During the the teams’ very first meeting in 1921, Chicago’s John (Tarzan) Taylor threw a sucker punch that broke the nose of Packers tackle Howard Buck. It set the tone for all Packers-Bears matchups for years to come.

On this rainy Halloween night in 1994 the legend of the “Bear-Killer” began as a banged up Brett Favre led the Packers to a lopsided 33-6 victory.  Favre rushed for 58 yards on the night, and had a 36 yard rushing touchdown which he made a spectacular leap over a bewildered Bear. The victory started a streak of 10 consecutive wins over the Bears and a streak of 11 straight victories in the state of Illinois.

On November 2, 1941 the Packers beat the undefeated Bears, and end their hopes a perfect season. The Packers started the game off with 16-0 lead and managed to hold the Bears off for the rest of the game. The Packers 16-14 win gave the Bears their only loss of the season, and set the stage for the first Bears-Packers playoff game ever.

On a warm September night in 2003, the Packers crash the opening celebration of the “New Soldier Field” by defeating the Bears 38-23. Brett Favre had 3 touchdowns on the night, as the Packers continued their road-victory streak over the Bears.

Brett Favre Favre ties an NFL record with a 99 yd TD pass to Robert Brooks, on September 11, 1995.

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