The Traveler: Kansas City, MO Home of the Chiefs

Things to do

This time of the year is probably one of the better times to visit Kansas City, because there is so much to do involving the holidays. You can go see a play, take in some live jazz, or even do some last minute holiday shopping around town. If you have kids, there are some fun, and free, options to check out like Santa’s Crayola Christmas Land.

A drive through the city is sure to put you in the holiday spirit. Somewhat surprisingly, Kansas City is renowned for its amazing Christmas light decorations this time of year. If you don’t feel like walking in the cold you can always take a car trip down Christmas Card Lane, a drive through Christmas display.

Of course if you are all Christmased out by now, you can always check out the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art or the Liberty Memorial. The Liberty Memorial is the only WWI memorial and WWI museum in the country, so check it out!

Places to Eat

This city is built and known for its BBQ, some even call it the BBQ capital of the world. So when you are out on the town, do you and your taste buds a favor, grab as much BBQ as you can! For those of you who say, “all BBQ is the same,” it’s not. In fact Kansas City BBQ is unique in the aspect that the flavor comes from a slow cooking the meat with a perfectly blended rub (seasoning) smothered all over.

So where to go for this heavenly experience? Well you can find a BBQ pretty much everywhere and anywhere you go, but here are a few places that the locals recommend:
•    Oklahoma Joe’s
•    Gates Bar B. Q.
•    Arthur Bryant’s
•    Fiorella’s Jack Stack
•    Zarda

Game day

Image Credit: Matt Elwood - Website

Okay, now to the business part of your trip – game day. On game day, Chiefs fans are notorious for their tailgating. Recently Kansas City was named Top Tailgating City in the US. Here are some of the key things to know before heading over to Arrowhead Stadium:

1)    There are a lot of tailgating parking spots at the stadium, but they fill up very quickly; so get there as early as possible.
2)    Once you get in the parking lot, you’ll see most of the grills filled with BBQ; Kansas City is not the place to go if you’re looking for a brat.
3)    Win or lose (I think we can safely guess which one is more likely to happen), the Chiefs fans will be tailgating long after the game has ended. So expect to stay late and have some fun after the game!
4)    Of course remember to check the Chiefs Parking and Tailgating information.