Heaven Daniels

Heaven Daniels is married to defensive end, #76, Mike Daniels. Heaven and Mike met in Iowa City, Iowa where Heaven grew up, and Mike attended college on a football scholarship. The two have been inseparable since the first night they met; it was love at first sight. Heaven and Mike are strong in their faith and truly believe God brought them together. They are the proud parents of two amazing little boys, and their newest addition, their daughter, who happen to all share the same birthday.

Heaven received her undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts and Vocal Performance, a MA in early childhood education and is adding a few certifications to the list as well.  Heaven specializes in motivational speaking, volunteering and singing engagements. Although Heaven is knee-deep in mother hood, she makes time for the things she is passionate about. She is a fitness enthusiast, makeup artist, published song writer/artist, freelance photographer and beauty blogger. She absolutely loves spending time with family, meeting new people, building friendships, working in the community, laughing a lot and eating good food!

"Obstacles are things we see when we lose sight of our goals," is a quote she lives by.  She believes her faith is increased during the adversities, and by focusing on the good and the positive, she will not only reach her goals, but live happily!


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