Adam Duritz

Musician Adam Duritz is a huge Packers fan. The dreadlocked lead singer for the rock band Counting Crows has even written a few songs about his favorite team. Duritz says his inspiration for the band’s breakout hit, “Mr. Jones”, came from a premonition he had: a talented wide receiver by the last name of Jones would help lead the Packers to a Super Bowl championship. Duritz again drew inspiration from Green Bay for the band’s hit, “A Long December”. A depressed Duritz wrote the song in 1990 after the Packers dropped all five of their December games.

Alright, so most of that last paragraph wasn’t true, but Duritz really is a big fan of the green and gold. A good friend of quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Duritz attended last season’s fan appreciation day at Lambeau Field. caught up with him after the game and he said he couldn’t be more thrilled to be a Packers fan. “It’s amazing to be here today,” Duritz said. “Green Bay has such a unique atmosphere and I think everyone wants a reason to be a Packers fan. It’s such a cool thing. I was so excited when I found out Aaron Rodgers got picked up by the Packers, because he went to Cal and he was a friend of mine. I was thrilled when I found out he was going to be a Packer. So now, to cheer for the Packers and be a full-blown Packers fan, I love it.”

We love it too, Adam. So much that we’re naming you this week’s Big Cheese. Maybe if they win another Super Bowl you will actually be inspired enough by the Packers to write a song about them?


I've seen Counting Crows several times in concert. He's an amazing talent and I love their music. To have Adam as a Packer Fan is a huge bonus. Didn't really know he was a Cal grad. We can never have enough Packer fans.

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