Harry Styles

Courtesy of Yahoo!

One Direction’s Harry Styles is ready for kickoff!

After a whirlwind couple of weeks promoting his "This Is Us" movie with the rest of the 1D crew, the 19-year-old crooner took some time off to watch a football game last Sunday in San Francisco.

According to Twitter, Styles attended the Green Bay Packers vs. the San Francisco 49ers game Sunday.

On September 7, the teen heartthrob posted a snap on Instagram of the city's iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and we began to wonder what business the British star had in Frisco.

He then tweeted "First @packers game of the season.. Time to sit," accompanied with a picture of a customized "Styles" Green Bay Packers jersey.

Styles isn't exactly a conventional fan of the Wisconsin-based football team, but he is certainly a fan of tattoos! He's got more than 40 pieces of body art, which includes a Packers logo. We caught a glimpse of Styles' Green and Gold fandom earlier in the year when he was found posing next to Green Bay's all-time leading receiver (and Dancing with the Stars Champion) Donald Driver and family.

According to Styles, he made a bad bet with a friend on a football game. "We basically agreed that if they (the Green Bay Packers) won the next day that I'd get their symbol tattooed," he shared.

Well, the pop star apparently jumped the gun on getting the permanent marking."But I didn't have time the next day," he continued. "So I said, 'Are they going to win?' and he was like, 'They're definitely going to win.' So I went and got it done that day before they played, and I went to watch the game the next day and they lost."

While Styles has had the Packers inked on his arm for almost a year, it looks like Sunday was his first time seeing the green-and-gold in action.

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