Kenseth Rides with the Packers

It’s only right we feature one of Wisconsin’s own in the second edition of Big Cheese. NASCAR champion Matt Kenseth was born and bred in the small Wisconsin town of Cambridge.

Long before Kenseth was winning Sprint Cup Championships, he was a die-hard Packer fan. Kenseth said on his official website, “I became a Packer fan at a fairly young age, but got more passionate about it in the early 90s. I grew up about three hours from Green Bay, I think we are all Packer fans!!!”

As a fan of the team in the early 1990s, Kenseth rooted on the Packers and Brett Favre while they made trips to back to back Super Bowls. But he, like many others, quickly grew tired of the Favre retirement saga and was excited about the new direction the team was heading with Aaron Rodgers. Speaking with the Wisconsin State Journal, Kenseth said, "I've always been more of a Packer fan, not necessarily a Brett Favre fan. I've always been of the belief, no matter how big of a stud you are, it's more than one person that makes a team…I've always been a huge Packers fan and I think (Aaron) Rodgers is awesome."

While Kenseth no longer resides in Wisconsin, he certainly hasn’t forgotten his roots. In fact, Kenseth has used his celebrity to help fulfill some of his childhood dreams as a Packer fan. For a photo shoot with ESPN the Magazine in 2008, Kenseth got to do a Lambeau Leap.

Kenseth's Lambeau Leap

There are no two ways about it; Matt Kenseth is Big Cheese through and through. As you can see in the video below, Kenseth's expertise goes past the race track; he’s pretty knowledgeable about his favorite NFL team, too.

Have you seen Matt Kenseth at any games in the past? Leave a comment and let us know!


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