Lil Wayne

Who better to start off the “Big Cheese”…than Mr. Green & Yellow himself; Lil Wayne.

All it took was a trip to the Superdome by his father for this hip hop icon to pledge his allegiance to the Green Bay Packers. Lil Wayne's home town of New Orleans was host of Super Bowl XXI; the same year the Green Bay Packers represented the NFC at the Louisiana Super Dome. "When he (Wayne's father) came out that night, he just came with Packers everything, towels and Packers cups," said Wayne.  He adds, "I've been a Packer fan for years."  

Like many Packer fans, the transition from #4 to #12 wasn't quite that easy. He talked with ESPN in 2009 about the tough choices he's had to make with two of his favorite players changing uniforms. Wayne said," I've been a Brett Favre fan since like 1995. I love the Green Back (sic) Packers. It's crazy bein' a Packers fan and a Red Sox fan and your two favorite players get traded. It's rough, like, now I'm a Red Sox and Dodger fan. What? Now I'm a Packers and Jets fan. Seriously. The Packers are ranked high without him though. I'm really torn about that."  

Lil Wayne's Packer fandom was showcased in the Packers  recent Super Bowl run when he released a track titled "Green and Yellow," shadowing Wiz Khalifa's Pittsburgh anthem "Black and Yellow." The song went viral in less than 24 hours becoming an instant hit for Packer nation. Lil Wayne also attended the Super Bowl in Dallas where he sported the famous Packer "cheesehead" and other Green and Gold gear.